For Immediate Release:

Local Group starts a movement for sports facility improvements

A group of local citizens have formed a non-profit organization and begun a fundraising venture to assist with future improvements of the Anderson County High School athletic facilities. The Board Members of the Bearcat Pride Foundation are made up of school alumni, parents of current students and previous athletes. The Board Members of this 501(c) (3) registered group are Don Casciola, Chris Glass, Jenny Kays, Travis Kays, Patrick Peters, Joe Smith, Tamara Smith, Joel Snider, and Pam Ware. The foundation will follow the general booster guidelines and a suggested plan of action, both of which were provided to the group by the Anderson County Board of Education.

Fundraising for the refurbishing or improvement of the athletic facilities most in need will be decided upon by the foundation, along with the input of the ACHS Athletic Department, Administration and Board of Education. Funding is currently not available through the local school system to make improvements so the group was formed with the initiative to seek donations from businesses and individuals who may be interested in helping with the much needed repairs.

Possible projects could be on either a large or small scale and implemented in multiple phases, based on various time factors and the amount of funds contributed. The initial renovation project is focused on the school’s football and soccer fields. These two playing surfaces have progressively worsening conditions and impose safety concerns for the players. Other areas impacted due to the current state of these fields are apparent drainage issues, lack of handicap accessibility and missed opportunities to host certain tournaments that would bring visiting schools and their fans into our community.

In an effort to help, The Bearcat Pride Foundation has developed a preliminary plan and estimated cost for a new single, multi-functional artificial turf playing surface to be installed in place of the existing high school football field. Artificial turf is a blend of polyethylene grass fibers that sit on top of a padded layer of graded silica sand and ground rubber. Many high school and college programs, even in areas near-by, have benefited from installing this type of playing surface that is durable, safe and can be used much more often than a grass field. Turf fields have little maintenance and are projected to last for at least 15 years. Although this type of field covering comes with a great expense, the cost could be about the same, if not less, than what most school systems invest over 15 years in the maintenance, products and equipment necessary for a grass playing field. A turf field at Anderson County High School could be used for both the football and soccer teams in addition to possibly the marching band, baseball, softball, lacrosse teams, local sporting programs, physical education classes and other school or community related functions.

For more information about the fundraising campaign or to make a tax free contribution, visit or call 502.598.1556.

Bearcat Pride Foundation, Inc., P.O. Box 473, Lawrenceburg, KY 40342