About BPF

The Bearcat Pride Foundation (BPF) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization founded by a small group of citizens interested in improving the outdoor athletic facilities for the students in the community of Anderson County.

The goal/objective of the BPF is to form a positive working partnership with the Anderson County Board of Education by functioning to raise funds and secure sponsorships to help provide and promote safer and improved practice and game facilities for student athletes in Anderson County; especially to allow our school district to host regional and state level events.

The BPF Board consists of nine (9) board members: Don Casciola, Chris Glass, Jenny Kays (President), Travis Kays, Patrick Peters (Treasurer), Joe Smith, Tamara Smith (Secretary), Joel Snider and Pam Ware.


The mission of the Bearcat Pride Foundation is to act as a facilitator in a highly prioritized initiative to help improve the insufficient outdoor sporting facilities of Anderson County. The goal of this group is to network with our local school and business communities to identify plans for improvement with potential sponsors, and to help oversee projects that will enhance local quality of life through sports, while also making an economic impact on our community.


Bearcat Pride Foundation’s vision is to act as a foundation which raises and provides funds for the enhancement of athletic facilities in Anderson County.